What Is The Distinction Between Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

What Is The Distinction Between Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are two common terms that are frequently used interchangeably, yet they’re not the identical. While both kinds of surgery seek to improve a patient’s appearance but they differ in objectives, methods as well as the training requirements. In this blog we will discuss the distinctions between plastic and cosmetic surgery in order to assist you in making an informed choice if you are considering one or both of the procedures.What do you mean by cosmetic surgery?

A cosmetic procedure refers to a form of procedure that is focused on improving the appearance of a patient. The procedure is elective and can be carried out on healthy people who are looking to improve their appearance. Cosmetic surgery is performed on various areas that comprise the human body including the neck, face as well as the breasts, abdomen and even the extremities. Here are a few instances of cosmetic surgery:

– Breast augmentation

– Liposuction

The Rhinoplasty (nose job)


Tummy tuck

Cosmetic surgery is carried out by cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, as well as other medical professionals with training for cosmetic surgeries. However there are many plastic surgeons who are cosmetic surgeons as plastic surgery covers a wider variety of procedures that go beyond cosmetic enhancements.

How do you define plastic surgery?

A plastic surgeon is a field of surgical expertise that focuses on the repair or reconstruction or alteration of human bodies. The aim in plastic surgery is improve the patient’s appearance and function through non-surgical and surgical methods. Plastic surgery is performed on any area of the body and involves cosmetic as well as reconstructive procedures. Here are a few examples of plastic surgery:

– Breast reconstruction after mastectomy

– Reconstruction of burns

Repair of the palate and cleft lip

Hand surgery

– Skin grafts

Plastic surgery is carried out by certified plastic surgeons with board certification who have completed special training in this field. Plastic surgeons must undergo a residency course which includes reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in addition to general surgery.

What are the main differences between plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes and surgery?

Plastic and cosmetic surgery differ in their objectives, methods as well as the requirements for training. Here are a few major differences between the two types of surgeries:

1. Goals

The main objective in cosmetic surgeries is improve the appearance of a patient. Cosmetic procedures are not mandatory and not medically required. The objective of plastic surgery however it is to restore or enhance the function of a patient and appearance. The procedure can be done to treat medical issues for example, like correction of a birth defect, or treating a complication or injury.

2. Techniques

Plastic and cosmetic surgery employ different techniques for surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgery usually involves minimally invasive procedures which focus on enhancing the appearance of the patient. Plastic surgery on the other hand is more complicated surgical procedures that require more extensive incisions reconstruction, or other methods.

3. The requirements for training

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery have different requirements for training. Cosmetic surgeons could have backgrounds in different fields, including dermatology, otolaryngology, or plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons on the other hand, are required to undergo special education in the field of plastic surgery which usually involves the completion of a five- to seven-year program.


Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are two different kinds of procedures that have different objectives, methods and requirements for training. Cosmetic surgery is focused on improving the appearance of patients, whereas plastic surgery seeks to improve or restore the appearance and function of a patient. If you’re considering one of these options it is vital to select a skilled and skilled surgeon who will assist you in reaching your goals with ease and efficiency.

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